Pre-Requisite Instructions

Here are the required pre-requisites for the Maximo Asset Monitor exercises.

All Exercises

All Exercises require that you have:

  1. A computer with a Chrome browser, internet connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity.

  2. User access to a Maximo Asset Monitor environment like the Monitor-Demo tenant URL.
    To get access to the Monitor-Demo tenant, please send an email to your Exercise facilitator or

  3. An IBM ID. If you don't have an IBM ID you can get one here:
    o Click Login to MY IBM button
    o Click Create an IBM ID link

  4. Test your access to the Maximo Asset Monitor environment.
    If you are using tenant id "Monitor-Demo" you can try using this URL

Exercise 1 Connect Devices

You need a Nordic Thingy as that device will be used in the exercise.
See the sections below for purchasing a Nordic Thingy.

Purchasing a Nordic Thingy

Purchasing a Nordic Thingy is a 4-step process:

  1. Go to the Nordic Semiconductor website: Nordic Thingy:52

  2. Click the green Buy Now button shown in the red box to navigate to the distributers page.

  3. Select your region and choose a distributer

  4. Follow the directions on the distributer’s website to checkout.

IBMers can Expense a Nordic Thingy

If you are an IBMer follow these instructions for expensing the Nordic Thingy

  1. Launch SAP Concur

  2. Select the Expense Tab on the top bar

  3. Select the Nordic Thingy Notification under the available expenses and Create a New Report

  4. Create a Report and fill in the boxes: Report Name, Business Purpose, Report Category, and the Cost Center you will be charging it too. Report the purchase under Non-Travel Expenses. Save the Report.

  5. Click Expense and make the Expense Type Emergency Purchase and the Expense Subtype PC Supplies. Give the Description box a meaningful description to why you’re purchasing the Nordic Thingy:52. Save the expense.

  6. Submit the Report.

Exercise 2 Monitor Assets

Exercise 2 requires that you have completed Exercise 1 Connect Devices.