Contributors to the IBM Maximo Asset Monitor Labs

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Date By Description
2021-02-12 Jan Ekstrøm Correction of a screen shot in the Connect Devices exercise.
2021-01-29 Mike Lamb Added dashboard UI widget sections.
2021-01-05 Jan Ekstrøm Added the missing JSON files for Monitor Anomalies.
2021-01-04 Jan Ekstrøm Merged contributors into one about section and added change information as well. Added Last Update at the end of the Index file.
2020-12-30 Jan Ekstrøm Migrated original site to toplevel and created the new structure for the IBM Maximo Labs
2020-12-07 Jan Ekstrøm Updated Monitor Asset Devices with new screen shots and content.
2020-11-27 Jan Ekstrøm Updated Index, Pre-reqs and Connect Devices with new screen shots and content.
2020-10-29 Carlos Ferreira Fixed references to labs.
2020-10-22 Carlos Ferreira Moved content for Monitor into its own doc folder.
2020-??-?? Carlos Ferreira Created this MkDocs site to hold the Monitor Hands-on Labs based on Word documents. This process was supported by the help from the contributers mentioned above.