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2022-10-18 Jan Ekstrøm Updated commit to be signed in Add content.
2021-02-25 Jan Ekstrøm Clearifying the Pre-requisite chapter.
2021-01-06 Jan Ekstrøm Added admonitions in "Add content" and "Create new lab".
2021-01-05 Jan Ekstrøm Added more specific instructions in "Add content" and "Create new lab".
2021-01-04 Jan Ekstrøm Added the About page, Updated information into Index, and the Create new lab page.
2021-01-03 Jan Ekstrøm Created the Add Content page. Moved Deploy to its own page.
2020-12-31 Jan Ekstrøm First step on the Contribute section based on the old Contribute but split into separate pages: Welcome, Get started and Pre-Reqs.