Welcome to the IBM Maximo Labs

In these hands-on labs you will learn how to get started with the different products that are available in the IBM Maximo portfolio. The labs are in different states of readiness for use shown below.

ReadyReady for use.
Under DevelopmentBeing developed and requires feedback.
Not StartedNot yet available.
DeprecatedHas been deprecated.

Maximo Application Suite 8.7

Not StartedAPM Under development!

Maximo Application Suite 8.6

ReadyMAS Installation New!
ReadyMonitor Node-RED CSV Importer New!
ReadySuite Overview
ReadyHealth and Predict Utilities v8.6 New!

Maximo Application Suite 8.5

ReadyMAS Installation Updated!
ReadySuite Overview
ReadyMonitor Functions
ReadyMonitor Auto AI
ReadyMAS Environmental Monitoring

Maximo Application Suite 8.4

ReadyMonitor Auto AI
ReadyVisual Inspection(8.3.0)

Maximo SaaS

ReadyMonitor Updated!
ReadyVisual Inspection (1.3.0)


ReadyContribute to Labs
ReadyNew Lab Template

UPDATED: 2022-02-26

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